busy bee...



i've been so incredibly busy...like there just isn't enough time in the day. i suppose on many levels that's good because i'm not bored but being the: must. get. everything. done. girl. it's hard on my stress level. there's SO much i want to do (you know what's coming, right? a list!)
  1. clean out the basement and get all the crapola i want to sell at the neighborhood yard sale organized, cleaned and priced.
  2. make treats for my store (not the edible kind).
  3. actually, yes make edible treats.
  4. starting next week i'll be back at the gym so adding that to my 'never enough time in the day' whine.
  5. my house really needs to be vacuumed twice a day (crazy, i know but it really does need it i'm not being intentionally anal).
  6. go through the girls drawers and do a save, donate, throw away deal.
  7. buy an ironing board.
  8. go through the kids toys and do the same as #6
  9. wash all the windows.
  10. clean out the garage.
  11. make more etsy treats (i know i already said that but it's dominating my heart right now).
  12. learn how to market myself so i can approach some children's boutiques.
  13. sign the girlies up for yoga.
  14. sign the girlies up for art classes.
  15. go apple picking.
  16. go to lee to do the awesome corn maze.
  17. mow the lawns.
  18. clean out my closet.
  19. do my toes.
  20. start a new book.

i'll leave it at twenty. i could go on but i think that list is ambitious enough for right now. my next list will be (at least i think it will) all my wishes for our home renovations...a girl can dream, can't she?


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