okay...so i've started my collection of treats from the black apple and i couldn't be any more excited about it! yes, i bought the the pic below AND the one above! i know just where i'm putting them and it's NOT going to be in the girls rooms. not sure why exactly this artist has me 'in love' but she does! maybe it's the big eyes, the sassy attitude...they're just F.U.N!

today's sparklies:
  • the yard sale is over and we made about $100...plus it was pretty painless :)
  • did a quick shop at the grocery store with R and stopped to get a starbucks...yum!
  • no need to make dinner tonight, we're taking the kids to chucky cheese.
  • saw some neighbors we don't see often and had some laughs.
  • bought two prints from the black apple.
  • got a huge box of fabric scraps from lassiegirl and as always...THEY ROCK!

have a great rest of the day!


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