how do you like them apples...

took a trip to butternut today and stocked up on our first batch of apples for the season...they were plentiful and super delicious! the weather was great and except for a little bit of ol'lady whining from R (my knee hurts, my ankle hurts, i can't walk...yadda, yadda, yadda)...we had a fun day.
why is it every time i go to butternut i can't seem to put the brakes on when picking fruit? i always need to get just one more apple, one more pint of blueberries, one more everything!!! why????
what did you do today?
  • cousin Scott surprised us with a visit this morning.
  • mom came up and we went apple picking.
  • i made a really yummy dish for dinner tonight and despite there being anchovy in the sauce C loved it and didn't notice ;)
  • tomorrow is monday with a new week full of promise.
  • Z finished her project and was so sensitive about using moss because she didn't want to hurt the earth...LOVE HER!
  • saw three yellow and two white fairies at the orchard.

goals for the week:

  • go to three classes at the gym.
  • design, design, design.
  • make a valance curtain for the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.


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