Got some sewing done today and some more designing! I'll list these on etsy a bit later if time allows.
I've been pulled in every direction today...I'm stealing away to post this while R and her friend are digging out the insides of pumpkins...I'll regret this later).
So, the dragons are inspired by C and tattoos (something we both love :) He really likes the design and has been bugging me for awhile to do something more boyish...I'm not a truck, train, ball type of gal so dragons it is! I've got another one in the machine right now that has the coolest fabric EVER! You'll see that one later.
The Russian dolls are a continuation of my apron skirt design...I just love the fabric and have always been a big fan of the Matryoshka's for as long as I can remember.
I've got to pick out something from my shop to use as a give away on the Fabulous Fun Finds blog...any suggestions?
Okay...I have a feeling...a BAD feeling there are pumpkin guts all over my kitchen floor so I'm signing out...
Today's Sparklies:
  • I'm so grateful I didn't die during my workout at the gym cause it sure felt like I was going to.
  • The sun shone for a whole five minutes this afternoon.
  • I'm going to make these delicious chocolate treats in a bit...if they turn out, I'll post the recipe :)
  • The Shield is on tonight, Dexter started Sunday, Entourage is picking up...when does Big Love and Brotherhood start? (we're cable junkies...can you tell?)


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Heather said...

Your Dragons are AMAZING!!! I will definitely feature those a week or two after the giveaway!