two years ago...

today this photo was taken...R has grown up so much but still has that sassy little attitude only a child with her name should have :)


i've got three designs waiting in the wings to get sewn...i'll post them tomorrow.

i made the cutest little cafe curtain for S's room today...after hanging it and taking it down again i realized it would make a really cute skirt if i put a pretty satin ribbon through it. i'm going to make a shorter one tomorrow and see if Z will wear it over a pair of jeans...trend setter!

i took the toy boxes that were in the girls closets out and re-organized their stuff...AGAIN!

i made enchiladas for dinner tonight despite the fact that i really used up my time today by designing.

thankfully my freezer is stocked with baked goods because that is ALL i'm craving...

night y'all!


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