two posts ~ part one...

does this girl look scared or what?

come. ON. mom!!!

she's really making an effort to smile, really.

r and ms. wright

maybe if i run as fast as i can they won't catch me when i try and leave.
this poor girl looked so scared going to her first day of kindergarten. my heart ached for her and i just prayed that she'd come out of her shell. thankfully her teacher took her hand and kept her close.
waiting for the bus to bring R home seemed like it took FOREVER! finally it rounds the bend and i see R sitting in the middle of the bus, surrounded by her new friends. she was like a different kid than the one i had dropped of less than three hours earlier. she bounded off the bus confident and with a light in her eye that wasn't there this morning. she yelled goodbye and waved after her friends...so excited for tomorrow...YEAH!

quick! she's smiling!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! And is that a Hanna Andersson backpack I noticed? We bought them for the girls too. I let Daisy pick one that's mostly pink with a big stupid flower in the middle. I don't like it.

Also, I wish you'd change your comments so I don't have to log in to Typekey when I want to comment. :-) Allow the anon! Don't fear the anon! ;-P