The party went off without a hitch and boy am I glad it's over! I'd much rather pay to have it done somewhere and not have to deal with the mess, planning, the mess, timing, the mess, entertaining, the mess and THE mess!
We started off with the scavenger hunt and quickly went out to do the pinata while there was a brief let up in the rain. Came back in and made fairy wands and fairy houses...Presents were next, then cake, then musical chairs! Z was a perfect hostess and so cute and polite while opening up her gifts. R said she wanted her next birthday party done at home but I'm thinking I can sway her in time :)
  • Had a nice date last night!
  • Daddy took R and Z to the movies and S took a good nap so I designed three tee's today! (N, yours is one of them)
  • My friend Deb asked me if I wanted to do a craft fair with her on October 11th...I'm doing it!!
  • Hung the pom poms in the girls rooms and they look awesome in there!!!
  • Tomorrow is Monday...a week full of promise.


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Kristen said...

You and I, we're a LOT alike. Totally hear you on the party somewhere else! AND...Little Snails and Ponytails will be doing our 1st ever craft fair at the end of October. Gosh, do you feel overwhelmed and excited all at once? I sure do! Happy Day cute girl.