I absolutely love the way these shots came out from last Halloween. Of course while taking them I was cursing my camera because I clearly couldn't see the magic the little LCD screen didn't portray. Can you see the 'ghosts' or as we have lovingly termed the 'fairies' following R and leading Z? I've blown up the top one and still haven't gotten a frame to put it in...a must do for the week! I'm already pulling out Fall and Halloween decorations and can't wait to really do it up...my style...which means understated but festive :)

I can't seem to get ahead this week! I still haven't done a darn thing creatively and it's really starting to get me down! Actually, I have been doing some crafty stuff but it's all for Z's 8th b'day party this weekend! I still have a ton to do but so far this is what the plan is (in case you care or you're just nosy)

Z's party plan from 2-4pm

  • Fairy scavenger hunt leading to a festive pinata.

  • Before doing the hunt each girlie will pick out wings and a skirt so that they are in proper fairy attire.

  • The hunt includes these items: seashell, caramel apple, emerald stone, feathery pen, acorn, gourd, butterfly, frog and snake.

  • After the hunt each girlie will make their own flower wand with ribbons.

  • Cake will be homemade marble with chocolate frosting.

  • For snacks Z wanted mozzarella sticks (gag...okay, they're good but I'll be buying the Friday's brand in the freezer section...no WAY am I actually preparing them)
  • Make your own sundaes but I'm not sure necessary.

  • I'm hoping for decorations I'll be able to figure out how to make the flower pom poms that N has.

  • If time allows we'll do musical chairs to the Jonas Brothers...Z loves them and they're harmless :)


  • Made a homemade spinach and feta calzone for dinner...yeah, no meat!

  • The girls were really good at Target today.

  • The weather today was just perfect!

  • Got my prints from the black apple today and I LOVE them!

  • Got a bag of fabric scraps today too and they're super duper!

  • Didn't get a ton done around the house but I just don't care!

  • Looking forward to the gym tomorrow!



Kristen said...

Girl...I need your motivation to get my fanny to the gym. It's completely foreign to me these days. Anyway...sounds like the party will be a hit. I'm so happy you're my new bloggin' buddy. Oh, how did it go today over at etsy?

Anonymous said...

The flower pompoms are from Martha Stewart's line. I bought them for a princess party with the idea I'd put them in Josie's room after. She even has some new orange and black ones for halloween!

I can't wait to see your birthday photos. Lulu's 3rd birthday is coming up. Have no idea what I'm doing.