today's sparklies...

LoVe this and going to get it...for sure! you can find it here at the black apple : one of my most favorite etsy shops. i'd own everything she has to offer if i could...baby steps :)

everyday i'm going to attempt to post things i'm grateful for that day.
i'm going to call them sparklies because...well, it's just such a magical word!
  • we made it out the door this morning with almost no stress involved and time to spare.
  • i had another sale today from a lovely lady from Indiana...she bought two of my treats!
  • i got my new labels in the mail...phewwww, just in time.
  • i'm feeling relatively organized for tomorrows neighborhood yard sale...oh joy.
  • my Canadian friend listed me on her blog under her '50 links to check out' post :)
  • s's halloween costume that i listed on ebay is already up to $40 and has 2 days left!!! (i only paid $26 for it on babystyle last year:)
  • i started a wall hanging that i'm going to just love and will post when finished...a new treat idea for the store.


Anonymous said...

Cute art! I like that you made it your Facebook pic.

Like your "sparklies". Seems like a familiar idea.... ;-)


i love plum said...

don't you just love her art? yes, the idea was yours and a good one at that! xo