50 hearts!

Wow! I feel like I've been given a great big hug...THANK YOU!
Okay...it's a baby milestone in my etsy venture but it counts...it means I have some fans out there!
I've been totally neglecting my designing in favor of some good old fashioned home maintenance. As much as I love seeing the changes in my house I HATE not fueling my creative desires....SO, I slipped in one more treat before having to 'pack up my office'...HA...I mean (my dining room) so that I can get set up for Z's b'day party this weekend.
I just love the way this valance came out...love the birds, love the fabric, love the flour sack material...love, love, LOVE!
Notice to the left of the window some fancy artwork by my ladies :) They made those tiles at the art school they go to during the summer...they look perfect there!

Todays Sparklies:
  • finished my valance...it took so long to sew!
  • feeling incredibly inspired to design which is great since I really haven't this past week.
  • I'm pretty organized for the party this weekend only I think it's going to rain...we'll cross that bridge if we have to.
  • looking forward to having a date with my honey Saturday night.
  • I've got a new blogger friend and she seems super sweet!
  • reached the 50 heart milestone.
  • it was a beautiful day.



Momtosweeties said...

That valance is so sweet. I love it. Very cute :)

Kristen said...

ha!I love the part about the "office"! I have the exact kind of office. Who says the dining room table is for family meals anyway? Oh, and you made my day by adding me to your list of sparklies! Happy Day!

about denise said...

Oh wow. Your blog is lovely and that valance is adorable. Now I'm off to look at your etsy shop.

Take care,