while daddie was trimming out one of our new doors and mommie was painting the side of our house (that's been three different colors for...oh, going on three years now). the girls got busy with their own messy project. this kept them busy for over an hour which was a pleasant surprise considering their attention span doesn't usually last that long...paint and glitter or no paint and glitter. i really love the top one that R did...it is SO her :) S's well, it's a nice glittery mess which is exactly how she is in real life...sweet girl. Z was busy at her BFF's so no artwork from her today!


  • got half of the side of our house painted...just waiting for staging to be put up so i can finish it.
  • virtually no sisterly spats today...which is both nice and uncommon.
  • had a great time with friends last night.
  • i think i killed all the fruit flies....ewwwww!

finally able to capture my little cafe curtain...don't know why i didn't think to take it at night before!


Kristen said...

Love your work! I added your etsy to my favorites. Happy Day...

i love plum said...

ahhhhh, you just made my day! i'm going to go visit your blog...right now! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's adorable! Love the curtain.

Also, we have a fruit fly problem too! They're insane. I'm making a yeast solution to lure them into a cup with saran wrap on the top with holes punctured. They can get in but not out, the dummies.

Love the glitter projects. Smart you.