Look who started out in her OWN bed last night!
It only lasted until about 11pm and then she woke up crying with a barking cough, proceeding then to puke all over her lovely sheets. Poor bugger ended up back in bed with moi...hey, it's a start!
A lovely treat from my Mom.
Oddly enough it was packaged with Orajel for my bleeping tooth ache.
You don't think sweets have anything to do with my bum tooth, do you?
A little Candy Land fun.
I won three out of four...what? Is it bad that I'm that competitive?

You know what's going in there, right?


The girls did a lovely job decorating, no?


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PamperingBeki said...

Can she PLEASE teach my 2 yr old how to sleep in his own bed?! Ugh.

Bethany said...

Awww...hope your sweet girl gets well soon! That is NO fun for anyone!

They did a fabulous job on the cupcakes!! We are off to make some here in just a bit for our playdate tomorrow!!

Kate said...

send me a cupcake! They look good!!!

Debbie and April said...

You won the giveaway. Email me your address and I will sent your goodies. Just visit the blog for the email address!


Anabelle said...

Hey.. fellow SAHM here in Seacoast area... swinging by to say hello.. I was looking for other local blogs to read of crafy mom's.. and I found you :)