My first day went well!
The drive down was peaceful and I made it there in an hour.
I worked with a great girl named Shannon...so glad I got to train with her!
I'm going back tonight for round two.
I have to say...it's HARD getting back into the groove after not pouring a drink for six years!
I'm the type that just has to be thrown into things to learn the ropes so I'm hoping tonight that will happen.


KittsKrafts said...

I hope it all works out good for you. I love your Starbucks IV....My hubby really got a kick out of it. He happened to pop home for a surprise visit while I was looking at it. He came home to grab a cup of the hot stuff for himself. I thought that was pretty ironic. lol

Debbie and April said...

Ohh I hate those kind. Sounds like you can handle her. Congrats on the new job. Love the pic!


Jody said...

I found your blog recently and just love it!! And love your etsy blog as well...Wishing you all the best with your new job---
And I will be shopping in your etsy shop very soon---I'm due with #4 in a few weeks and LOVE all the cute baby things you make! Wishing I could belly up at your new work digs for a glass of wine...not long, though!
Take care,

Kristen said...

There always seems to be that grouchy person around every turn. Sad for them...can you image living like that...so bitter? Sounds like you're taking the perfect approach!
Lotsa Love,