A girl...

after my own heart.
Munchin on peanut butter out of the jar...(geez, Skippy's in the clear right?)
Ha ha...I got you Bean!

Ya think Rube would ever let me get a shot?
She gets really mad.
Missing is my big girl.
She's my most photogenic and getting too cool for Mom to be taking pix.
Good golly, what's it going to be like when she's a teenager???

Hope you had a good day!

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Bethany said...

How cute is that?!! YUMMY!!! I can take pics of Gentry all day long because she generally likes to be the center of attention! Now Huntler?! He is a different story!! He gets a little irritated with me from time to time!!

Funny that as I type he is all dressed up and ready for a photo shoot once sis wakes up...and wouldn't ya know it started to rain?!! The one day he is excited about it?!!