Let's see...

I've got loads to do today.
I'm still getting caught up from all the (ewwwwwww) laundry I've had to do due to all the yakking going on around here.
The Cora orders keep piling in...so great!
I've set a little $ donation goal and I think I'm going to reach it!!!
Thanks to all you lovely customers out there...LOVE YOU!
I'm making chicken cutlets for dinner...Craig's FAVE...poor guy's been getting a little neglected lately...thought his most coveted meal might help a little :)
I've got pillows on my mind so I'm hoping to get at least ONE made today to go on my bed.
I've got a million ideas for goods for the shop...after Friday I should be all caught up with all current orders so do stay tuned!
I have an interview on Saturday for a bartending position by the owners of my most favorite restaurant and pre-baby employers!
We're SO making cupcakes today...Ruby and Stella will decorate.
The social butterfly aka Zoe has a play date.
LoOk what I got in the mail today!

I won these from a giveaway from this cute blog...I'm blown away by their shop!

And...you KNOW how much fabric makes me happy...so, SO happy!

Have a great day!


ShoozieShoes said...

VERY swanky restaurant!! And who could resist having such a lovely lady behind the bar!

Debbie and April said...

Awww, thanks for the sweet message on our blog. Wow you got a lot done today!!! You go girly:) Glad you like the cards.

gina said...

Such cute things - I'm going to their etsy shop right now.