Pinch me...

Made this for a custom order...cute!

A girlfriend of mine emails me last night saying her friend in L.A. who happens to be the assistant to a film Director (will remain unnamed) asked her to find a baby gift for a friends daughter. Sweet Cherryl thought of me and sent her to my shop!
Lil' ol me!

This is what she ordered...how cool is that? :)
Off to do Valentine's with the girlies!


AnniKae said...

She thought of your shop for good reason. i love plum has some of the cutest children's clothes that are one of a kind. Congrats on your 'celebrity' sale.

i love plum said...

thanks girl :)xoxo

ShoozieShoes said...

That's WONDERFUL! Congratulations!!

Bethany said...

Ummm....do you EVER rest?! Wanna move in next door to me and teach me how to get so much done during a day?! And not just stuff....ADORABLE stuff!! These are both too cute for words! I think Gentry girl needs a shirt with that monkey on it!! With the tutu of course!

And the one year old gift is darling! What a compliment to your quality and style of work! Congrats! So many ideas floating around for the next birthday bash I have planned!!