Things are about....

to change around here a bit!
Mama is going back to work and this is where I'll be!
I'll be working two maybe three shifts a week...It will definitely be a change but I think a welcome one. The extra money will be nothing to sneeze at and the restaurant is top notch (my cup of tea)...Sorry, but I'm not the run of the mill chain restaurant kind of gal...I need a little glitz and this place is GORGEOUS! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm hoping I can keep up with everything on the home front and that nothing with my shop will suffer. I'll give it my all...is there any other way?
I'm very familiar with the way this restaurant is run as I have worked for and with it's owner for years before having Ruby. The amount of professionalism and pride that his venues boast is five star. So many good things.
I've still got Cora goodies in my shop and almost done with this weekends round of orders...thanks so much for being patient!
I'm still not feeling that great...What is going on??? I mean the stomach bug thing has got to end, right? I'm still nauseous much of the day and have little appetite! NO, I'm not preggers...geesh!
OK. Off to hang with the Man...The girls are already asleep!!!


Bethany said...

Ohhhh! Congrats! Hope your first week back is fabulous!! And I have no doubt that you'll continue with your wonderful creations and keep up with the fam!!

Anabelle said...

that's quite the commute for you isn't it?

i love plum said...

yes, it'll be about an hour commute but worth it! xo

PamperingBeki said...

Oh, good for you!!

I was a server for years in nice restaurants and it can be really rewarding. My dh has managed restaurants too so we're both close to the industry.

Good luck with it!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

heeeey... that sounds like some fun!

a SUCH a neat place! can't wait to hear how it goes!

thinking of you... and certainly hoping your feeling better too!
darn bug!

Kate K said...

PAM! I am so happy for you! That place looks gorgeous and I am sure you will do just fine and make lots of dough. You totally seem like a bartender - I could see you at Coyote Ugly workin' it. ;0)

I wonder how long a drive for me to come visit? :)