lovely degrees today!
You're such a tease Mother Nature as I know a snow storm is due in a few days but we sure do appreciate you're being extra kind to us today!
The little ones couldn't wait to dust off their bikes and go for a ride.
I'm helping Stella off to a good start...

Helloooo, we see you up there and boy could we hear you sing!

Trying with all her might to peddle by herself...she almost gets it :)

Bye Ruby-doo...I think we need to raise her seat!

One rule I remember when I was a kid...never go around the puddle, you go right through!

What's that?
Ruby looks like she's actually posing for this pic...in reality it was my quick reflexes.


My snow angel :)

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Simona Walters said...

what fun! we always seem to have 55 degree weather here in florida...