Stand By Me.
Pie eating contest.
What follows after the pie eating contest?
Yep, the barf-O-rama.
Know what we've been up to our eyeballs in?
Yep, barf.
Our plans for a burger and movie went out the window at about 3pm yesterday afternoon.
Ruby started her fun filled evening with el'yucko.
Then Zoe.
Then Stella.
My house smells like gaggggggg.
I've got enough laundry to kill our water supply.
Who's next?
My money's on moi but could be the Daddy.
To keep my sanity somewhat in tact I made a little/big something for our family room.
I just love it!

My favorite part is the little doggie :)

I'm almost caught up with all the Cora orders...I can't even believe how many I've sold...I'm so excited!
I'll be working on some new things for my shop today so keep your eyes out!


Bethany said...

Ugh...I feel for ya! That is MISERABLE!! Hope your girlies get well soon and you and "the daddy" manage to steer clear!!

Your pillow is darling! I am so jealous of people who just whip those kinds of things up!!

Debra said...

I agree, the little doggie is the cutest.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that darn bug... SO SORRY... i sure hope it is out the door!

those days are not fun!

LOVE your pillow creation! :D