Shaken or stirred?

Woke up soooo early this morning filled with nervous energy.
I haven't stepped behind a bar in over 6 years!
Prior to having Ruby this was my career.
I LIVED in clubs and restaurants most of my adult life.
Can you picture that?
Do I seem the type?
One thing's for sure...I'll have S.T.O.R.I.E.S to tell...oh yes I will!
I often think I should have started a journal while being behind the bar all those years...definitely would make for an interesting read!
I'm hoping I'm received with open arms (I hate being the new girl).
I hope on my first day I don't break a glass in the ice (that's every bartenders WORST nightmare).
I hope pouring a drink is like riding a bike...you never forget.
I hope someone doesn't order one of those drinks a bartender only hears once in a lifetime.
I hope my feet don't kill at the end of the night.
I hope Sia, Regina Spektor, Ray Lamontagne and Dave are good friends to me both to and from work.
I hope I don't miss my kids too much.
One thing is for certain...I can't wait!

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