Made some gifts today and got NOTHING done around the house....this is becoming a REALLY bad habit. On top of all the crapola I need to do I promised Ruby that I'd take her to The Children's Museum this afternoon...ugggg. I'll have to make it a quick visit.
I was going to wait until Shelly announced the winners in her Cupcake Challenge to announce my winner...but I won't wait anymore. KRISTEN you won!!! You know my style girl :) I'm still laughing about how GOOD they all were...mine, not so much! You get to choose any old thing you'd like in my shop!!! Just convo me what you'd like and we'll make a special arrangement.
Ok...I've got to go!!!


honey bee said...

I love iloveplum!!!!!...and could your three girls be any more adorable?! xo

Kristen said...

WhooH00! I won!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!...your card was very adorable btw. I'm lovin' the girls cute pic. I love their beautiful brown hair. And the curls...to die for.