It's been crazy....

This life of mine.
I really feel like my head is going to pop off my body at any moment. How can it be the middle of December already???
It's all good...the craziness, that is. I'm busy. Very busy. Things that didn't used to get neglected are (laundry, cleaning, cooking...you get the idea). But in it's place a definite calm inside myself that's never been there. A cleansing of sorts of my soul. I'm feeding MY needs by being crafty and running this little business of mine. I'm loving that. My motto from day one with this whole 'i love plum' thing has been 'go big or go home'. I've never been one to not give my absolute best...especially if it's something I'm really into. (OK. There is that ONE instance in high school when I worked for The Limited for like a minute...was told I'd have to wear their clothing and fold clothes all day...say WHAT? Being the wimp I was I called up the next day saying I had mono...never even collected my teensy weensy check.)
But I digress.
Yes, I'm tired. Yes, I've been neglectful to my chores, friendships and to some extent my children (don't call DSS...call Merry Maids I've given all my powers that be to paint, play-doh and general mischief). So, I apologize to my friends and family if I've been a bit absent. Hopefully I'll be caught up by the weekend so I can resume some bit of normalcy.
Thank you Megan and Jared for hosting a wonderful Trunk Show for me. I loved every minute of it and it was a huge success!
Hopefully I'll be posting some pix tomorrow...the weather was crap today and there really was no point in taking any pictures of my work.

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Kristen said...

haha, My head already Popped off. If it rolls your way, just kindly pick it up and send it my way. ♥