I'm avoiding doing what I need to do to make stuff...I have ooodles of gifts to make, laundry to do, dusting (the spiders really should be paying rent), dishes, the floors...gosh, the list goes on. No thoughts on what to make for dinner. I haven't pulled anything out of the freezer to defrost so it may be simple quesadillas for the ladies tonight. The big girls are getting their hair cut this afternoon and I think Miss Ruby-Doo is a nervous wreck! I'll take pix!
I'll be listing the treats above soon!


randi---i have to say said...

You aren't the only one letting the laundry pile up in order to sew! For some reason, whenever I HAVE to sew something (like the Christmas presents I am working on) I get all inspired to make other things--fun stuff. It is just terrible!

Megan and Jon said...

Hi, I came over to visit from Kristins blog. Adorable stuff. I love all the handmade applications. So cute.