I'm feeling a little crazy today

  • Christmas cards still have not arrived.
  • My sewing machine has been acting up today with loads and loads of sewing waiting in the wings...this is not a good time Mr. Viking!
  • Mr. Brown aka UPS arrived with just two out of the eight packages I'm expecting.
  • I haven't even begun three important gifts I planned on making. I've got ideas and already dyed the fabric in...get this Starbucks coffee...just need to get around to the actual designing part.
  • I still haven't wrapped a single gift.
  • I made two batches of cookies this morning and the basic mix for several more...when the hoot am I going to have the time?
  • We're expecting a ton of snow tomorrow, Sunday and Christmas Eve.

The bottom line is...and I do this to myself all the time. All the time. I put too much on my plate. At this point I'm convinced I do it on purpose. You know, for the thrill of it all. To see if I can actually accomplish everything I want to accomplish and still have a neat house. It's a little game I play...I know. Sicko.

please pray that I get my everything tomorrow...K?


1 comment:

AnniKae said...

did you say your middle name was Martha Stewart? I'm kiddin' ya! You always seem to pull through. Merry Christmas sweetie!
p.s. Maybe Mr. Viking is hungry for a little holiday "oil." That always seems to help my Betty Bernina out. That or a new needle. Best of luck.