play-doh, you are forgiven...

Because would you LOOK at how cute Ruby's people are???? OMG. They just about stopped my heart when I saw them. She had been working oh so quietly while I was getting lost in my little world of sewing. She kept saying 'come see my people mom...oh wait, not yet'...over and over again. What a tease! Finally she was done. I didn't want to squish them when it came time to cleaning so I neatly slid them back into their respectful containers...night, night! :)

These two were her first installment.

The Fam...

My fave is the second from the left :)

Don't you just LOVE how she cleaned up her mess??? Peek-a-boo!
Rue and her BFF at the museum yesterday.

Chef Stella.

I could just eat this girl!



ShoozieShoes said...

I love her color combinations! She has a great eye.

Kristen said...

wow...i'm impressed with the clay family! She's got your knack for design.