December is here!!!!

Can you believe this sweet elf filled to the brim in each and every pocket is over 5 feet tall?
Now. Onto THE big business at hand. SO many exciting things happening this week. To start off with TODAY over at one of my most favorite blogs, Chrystal is hosting a fun giveaway with MY stuff!!!! How cool is that??? She has this shop loaded with THE best stuff!
ALSO. Today is CYBER Monday! You can find tons of great deals here. If you're looking for something unique don't miss out!
I entered a fun little contest called ' The Cupcake Card Challenge'... I totally went out on a limb on this as paper/scrap booking/card making isn't really my forte. I tried though and I think my card came out pretty cute. I'm sure I'll be put to shame by all the other craftie chics out there but it WAS fun!!! Shelly will be posting all the cards tomorrow here. Not sure how she's going to work the voting but if you're feeling up to it head over and vote for your favorite (mine ;)). Don't worry, I'll remind you tomorrow too!
I'm going to be busy, busy, busy this week so not sure how regular my posts will be or if you'll even see anything new in the shop....just going to try and keep my head above water and get ready for my Trunk show this weekend!

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Kristen said...

I'm gonna guess L. I'm guessing that because of the style of angel and the lil' birdie reminds me of your stuff.
All of the cards turned out just darling.