Well, we've settled back in. It feels So good to be here...ahhh, home sweet home :) I had a couple of fun packages waiting for me...this is my favorite decoration I purchased for myself...as requested the artist used ivory silk ribbon in lieu of the pink. I hung it on our barn mirror in the family room. It looks great! Check out her shop if you want something vintage inspired and really cool :)

So, before we left on Friday I took this picture through the glass on our front door. The door was sealed shut with ice! My bittersweet looks like it's encrusted with a little bling...sorry about the glare.

Little Miss sleeping soundly in her birds nest at Grammy's house. Since the little darling has taken over Daddy's side of the bed he's requested we inherit this piece of furniture ;)

An order I made while at Grammy's...I just love the color purple with this fabric! I hope the buyer loves it too!

The Zoo

Stella was SO proud of herself for going on this ride solo.

Zoe's not too impressed with the leopard display...I'm just happy they were stuffed and not the real thing :)

Ahhh, my kind of Zoo :)

Back home and rightly sleeping in a party dress (who needs PJ's when there's a party dress hanging in your closet??) Someone call Social Services she's smothering her Bitty Baby.

Made this for an order but you'll be seeing it in the shop...I love the simplicity, the colors and shrooms are just magical.

Another order...a custom request and I LOVE the way it turned out. Another new addition for the shop for sure!



I'm just about caught up on my orders and about to dive into the many gifts I had planned on making homemade. Gosh, I cannot BELIEVE Christmas is just over a week away!!! Yikes!

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