Trying to get a quick little blog in here today!
Just finished up the Trunk Show orders and wrapped them for delivery. My fave is the little Asian girl...I just loooove her! Sorry the pic is a bit blurry!

I think I'm going to start including a little matching tag that can be used for gifting with each order. I normally make the tag as seen above but the back has my info on it and gifters may want to write their own little message. So from this point on each design will come with not one but two tags! You can see the little tags below (I used them to label whose packages were whose this time around :)

Had to keep the girls busy while working away. I knew before they began I was asking for trouble: glue + paint + sparkly things + glitter = A MESS!

Poor little Stella she's got an awful rash on her face...see? Oh and notice the glitter in the corner...full, right? NOT ANYMORE!

Holiday decorations are up and continuing to be tweaked.

Our tree :)

My little house collection...and Ruby's pig she made at school :)

Haven't done much here but will!

Our barn mirror...our walls in this room are actually a very rich brown...it looks gross in this pic.
And finally, this is what I'm making for dinner :)


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