ice storm...

We got hit Thursday night with an ice storm.
About 4:30 am, Ruby wakes up screaming. It was sooo dark in our house. We keep white lights up year round so it was almost eerie the darkness. I lit some candles and we got the fire roaring. Obviously the girls didn't have school so we had a rather relaxing morning playing games and thinking about what our next move would be.
After hearing the news of the destruction this little storm caused. We decided to pack the kids, the dog, my work, food and sleeping bags up and head down to MA for an impromptu visit at Mammy's house. They're still reporting that we may not have power until Monday! So, here we are. I've now taken over yet another dining room with my messy mess. I'm trying not to miss a beat with my orders but I admit it's been a challenge.
We hope to be back tomorrow (Sunday). Sorry, no pix today...I haven't got my camera hooked up to Grammy's computer :(

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AnniKae said...

whoa! That's no fun. Well, let's hope Mother Nature decides to bring some sunshine your way...asap.