all in a day's work...

Can you believe it?
I'm wrapped!
What went from an overwhelming amount of gifts to wrap to having very little left to do...is amazing. See, I told you I thrived on adrenaline. I even had time to start another new blog! I just don't have time to sit around and hope to get onto the treasury so I started my own :) All you etsians out there will know what I'm talking about...I've never seen that treasury number drop below 500!
The girls are officially out of school and it's VACA time! This week is filled to the rim with family fun.
  • Christmas Eve we head to Grammy Mammy's house...fun, fun, FUN!
  • Christmas day we hunker down and enjoy just being home and together. Grammie Ding Dong will be here too which makes it extra special.
  • Friday we'll head over to Nonno's house for some good Italian Family fun.
  • Saturday, Ruby has a birthday party to attend in the morning. In the afternoon we are looking forward to a visit from Pop!
  • Sunday we're heading into Boston to see Disney on Ice...we have THE BEST SEATS!!!!

I'm off to bake cookies for Santa with the girls! Have a great day (())


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