little houses...

It's a snow day!!!
Woke up and everything was white and my head was pounding. I logged onto the puter at 5:30am and found out school was delayed. Grateful to lay my head down for a bit longer I went back to sleep.
About 8:30am I find out school is now cancelled...joy broke out in the house and I started my daily ritual of making beds, emptying the dish washer and starting laundry. I finished everything I had to do and figured with Christmas just a week away I better start making those gifts I had planned on making!!!
The teachers will be getting hand towels and a few other things. When the gifts are totally done I'll post a pic :)
  • we still have not received the Christmas cards I ordered.
  • I'm still waiting on at least 8 packages to arrive with gifts I've ordered.
  • I've wrapped a total of zero gifts.
  • Tomorrow I'll be starting the beef jerky process. HUH? For the past few years I've made my dear ol' Dad homemade beef jerky for Christmas. I just hate to think of him eating all those chemicals in the store bought brand and he luvs his beef jerky :)
  • I'm sure I've forgotten someone or something I've been meaning to buy for...happens every year and I'm left scrambling.
  • Currently I'm loving The Kings of Leon and can crank out a ton of work while listening to my men.

OK. To the sewing machine I go!

Have a happy hump day!



Laura said...

They are fantastic. I wish you had ben one of my kid's moms when I was teaching!

Just me.....Shelly said...

Ooooh girl, those towels are ADORABLE!! wow! Snow day here too.....supposed to get 15 inches tonight!! what??