rumor has it...

We've got juice!
Electricity that is...phewwww!
We've been so lucky to have family only an hour away so we've been crashing at Grammy's house. We've actually had fun and I was able to keep up with 'plum' business. I'll be able to post pix when we got home. We're moments away from leaving and heading up North. (I can't WAIT to smell our kitchen...the dishes were piled high and gross...those of you that know me know I'm not one to leave a mess behind). I'm quite certain everything in the fridge will need to be tossed and what laundry was left in the washer is totally moldy by now. It's all good though...we'll be happy to have our sweet little house back :)
Last night we took the kids to the Stoneham Zoo. Every year they light it up for the holidays. It was cheesy cute and the lights were pretty. We were able to see a racoon, fox and deer (some Zoo, huh?). I have to admit...I am not a big fan of Zoo's. There is something inherently depressing and wrong about seeing a giraffe, elephant, crocodile, bear, monkey and other wild animals out of their intended habitat.
OK. Hubby has arrived to help in our departure. I'll talk to you lovelies later!

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Kirsten said...

We too have been without power until 3pm Monday. I was laughing reading your post, b/c we too had dirty dishes in dishwasher, clothes mid cycle and dry and a fridge/freezer full of food to trash. good times:)