so much to do...

and so little time to do it! today has been a crazy nutty day...one i'd rather dismiss entirely. you can read about that over at my new blog devoted entirely to me whining here. i'll try and keep 'i love plum' light and colorful and devoted to all things lovely :)

i had a TON to get off my chest (dirty laundry) so have used up my puter time to getting my therapy off the ground.

we're back from the cape and had a great time beaching it and getting eaten by bugs...maybe some of my cape post should be over at my other blog ;) got home last night and we've been straight out all day...tomorrow should be no different. guess who's turning 8 tomorrow????? can't believe my baby is 8!!!

this is a quickie just to let you know i haven't forgotten you and am so grateful you check on me!!! things should quiet down in the next couple of days and i'll post something with quality. till then i'll leave you with a couple of pix! xo

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