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hula monkey goes surfing

made these for the shop though at this point i'm just waiting to get some inventory of long sleeved tee's to work on!! i've still got a ton of tanks and short sleeved tee's so hence the big sale :)
we're leaving for our annual trip to the cape tomorrow! i'm psyched, the kids are psyched and despite what he says, c is psyched too! we'll be right next to the beach with nothing to do but chill and enjoy our girlies, the sun, sand and salt water!!!
i've got a laundry list of things to blog about but it'll have to wait...i'll try and sneak some blogging in in the morning but in case i don't....have a great few days...i'll be back sunday!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to you getting long sleeved items! Dresses would be cool, too. In different colours with all your embellishments. Imagine how well a birthday dress would sell! I'd pimp those for ya!!

Haven't heard from you lately. Miss you!