today's the day...

Z started school!!!
her second day being 8 and her first day of 3rd grade.
do you think she was excited?
look at that smile.
her outfit.
carefully planned.

just before leaving for school...
R clinging to Z's arm...that's Z's BFF on the right.

reunited with the ones she loves...

Z's not going to let anything happen to R!

geesh mom, you can leave!


i don't know about lauren but Z is so psyched!

bell just rang...

R starts next week.
can't wait!

1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

oh my goodness your girls are too cute!
i love the first day of school outfit.
and the hair!

i wish i could come and take pictures. it would be easy with those cuties.

and i love your etsy shop! you have great stuff.

and i like your glasses. they are very tina fey. that's a compliment. i love tina fey.

hope you have a great friday!