this girl...

oh how i wish i could freeze this moment in time.
she loves me,
she trusts me,
she believes in me,
she wants me,
she needs me,
she listens to me.
you can actually see her thinking,
her expressions are genuine,
her words are clear,
she's thoughtful,
she's funny,
she loves her sisters,
she loves her daddy,
she loves her mom,
little miss s,
you make me smile and my heart swell.


Anonymous said...

Oh, P. They are so stunningly beautiful that it doesn't seem fair. :-) I wish I looked like Z!

And I just loved how you put that. I may reuse it at some time. Because you put it so succinctly. You don't need more words than that to describe the wonder of this age and this time and this miracle of being a mom. It's so hard sometimes and I think a part of what makes it hard is knowing that we CAN'T freeze time, put it on a shelf, pick it up one day when we're feeling nostalgic, and put it on again like a favourite tee shirt and re-live it all over again. Sigh.

Beautiful post.

I love you.


Pam said...

N...you are my lifeline in the 'comments' department and for so many other reasons...YOU are a true inspiration and your writing is unmatched with any others I've read. Thanks for always supporting my posts...at least somebody reads them!! MUAH!!!