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will be added to the shop tonight or tomorrow so do stay tuned!

now for the nitty gritty : went to the eye dr today and found out that no, my eyes aren't what is causing all my migraines...but yes, i could use a prescription for glasses when i'm feeling that weird sensation that something just isn't right. heck, that's good enough for me! i was worried that he was going to tell me i'd be in glasses full time and i did get to pick out some rather cute frames...i'll update with a pic in a couple of days when i get them back. there were a couple of things the dr told me where i really had to fight the laughter...don't ask me, i was in one of those silly moods. he said as i get into my early 40's my eyes would be working harder than they did in my 20's (makes sense but i think he shocked me with the 40 thing, i still think i'm 20 and if he wanted me to pick out a designer pair of frames he better make me forget the lines around zee eyes, no?)...he also showed me a photo of my optical nerve...he said both my 'cups' were deeper than most (don't ask me why but that seems funny to me...have i told you lately i'm fighting the bored?? the minds gonna do what the minds gonna do.)

okay...z is having a sleepover and their movie is wrapping up so i must too...can't wait for some down time!!!

night! xo

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