just a list...

~ i'm a list person.
~ i often write a list for a list.
~ if i make the tiniest of errors on my list it will be thrown out and started over.
~ i go crazy when someone other than myself doodles on my list.
~ an unauthorized doodle will precipitate a new list.
~ i love crossing things off my list.
~ enough about lists.
~ i hate when the ice cream man comes around our neighborhood...it inevitably is the day i have absolutely no money to account for.
~ it's even worse when he loops around twice...wtf???
~ i've torn this house upside down looking for an overdue library book. when calling to ask for another renew the librarian informed me if i can't find the book i would have to pay $10.95 for another one which really bothers me knowing i could get it cheap off ebay.
~ the book in question is your eight year old by louise bates ames...does that tell you anything?
~ what in the hootten-nanny am i going to make for dinner?
~ big family party planned for this weekend...rain is in the forecast.
~ do you even need to think about the question: chocolate or vanilla?
~ i have blueberries and two bananas that need to be delt with...muffins, pie or smoothies?
~ i made an eye appointment...somethings up.
~ i can't possibly keep this house dust, dirt, dog hair and spider web free...i vacume every day and it's never enough.
~ i planted three types of pumpkins and only one has produced...they're all in the same area...what gives?
~ the pumpkin thing really has me bummed as i was hoping to save money this fall...i end up spending a small fortune every fall on pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors.
~ speaking of fall...did fall come early? it's been in the 60's and low 70's all week!
~ i've got to remember to bring my camera to shoot the girls while swimming...we've been going every night for an evening swim in lieu of tv...love that!
~ s has been saying 'oh yeah' after almost everything she says...it's so cute!
~ attempted to get into the new children's museum in dover yesterday...bad idea on a rainy day...they were taking reservations at the door and you had to wait. a loooooong time...nixed that idea and ate a little lunch under the half shell instead.

okay. time's up...got to get down to the nitty gritty and figure out what the hoot to make for dinner...hate that. love to cook but only when i have a plan not like right now. nuff said.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, you're so adorable, P. I just love you.

I'm comforted to know I'm not the only one who struggles to keep up with the dirt and mess (made even worse by not having ANY grass! Dirt dust comes in and covers everything) and keep sane with whiny or whatever girls.

"Oh yeah": that's very cute.