random musings...

from a bored housewife.

1. woke up sunday morning to find out that the Anitvirus XP 2008 had taken over our main computer...i then spent much of the day trying to de-bug my lifeline (oh please, i have every right to be dramatic...it SUCKED and i was pmsing so stick a sock in it :).

2. where the bleep did summer go and where the bleep is the warm weather and bleep the damn rain...enough already!

3. why dear god are speedos still being made? i nearly lost my dinner tonight in the pool when i accidently gazed in HIS direction. are you kidding me? did you REALLY think that looked good on you? please, if you're European you get a pass...just. this. once! (i'm just glad z wasn't with us or there would have been WAY too many questions)

4. migraine # 12 hit me today...i'm fine thanks to maxalt...i'd be dying without it.

5. going to get my eyes checked tomorrow...i'm thinking/hoping if there's something wrong with my eyes and i get some cute little retro glasses to wear it would not only add a bit of flair to my outfits but would also decrease the amount of migraines i get a month...i probably should have reversed the order in which i wrote that but obviously the importance of being fashionable outweighs any health issues.

6. i should have sugar coated the pains of childbirth when my oldest daughter asked if it hurt...r finds in necessary to report at least once a day that she is NEVER going to have children.

7. if i had a million dollars i'd spend it all...even if i never have a million dollars i'll still spend it all in my dreams...so selfish i know...la di dah.

8. s now thinks my bed is her bed and c can't sleep in it...oh boy, trying to break this one is going to be reallllly fun!

9. r has been talking about death, dying and dead all the time lately...what is going on with this girl??? is this normal talk for a 5 year old??? i don't remember z talking like this.

10. when does The Shield, Brotherhood and Dexter start up again and anyone else totally hooked on The Two Coreys???

11. my sister m will be going to india for a few months this winter...how cool is that?

12. i haven't made anything cute for my store in a couple of days...tomorrow i absolutely will!

13. i'm showcasing some of my cuties tomorrow in the children's section of etsy after 12 noon...come see!

14. looking forward to our annual trip to the cape next week...i'll be doing a sun dance regularly until then!

night y'all!

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