dear santa...

we had a very nice time while visiting you this weekend. while the weather had been predicted to be nasty we actually preferred the cloudiness and occasional sprinkle to the blistering sun. the girls loved the rides especially the log ride (okay, I LOVED the log ride :) and there was plenty of good fried food to get us through until dinner (gag).

now, for the apology. (exhale) dear santa, upon leaving your super fabulous park my dear husband took it upon himself to say something rather nasty to rudolph. not believing that rudolph was real was his first mistake...but saying to rudolph 'i don't like you' put me over the edge. now, i know he said it only to get a rise out of me (and rudolph) but really he wasn't expecting rudolph to reply with 'well, i like you'. c got a time out when we got to the car and he's promised never to say such things again...see you next year rudolph!

i happen to want to hold onto that childlike dreaminess that allows there to be a santa clause, an easter bunny, fairies, magic. more importantly i want my children to hold onto these fantasies for as long as possible. it bums me out whenever z has asked me questions regarding the truths behind these childhood myths. i play dumb and utter in disbelief 'of course there's a santa clause' and 'we don't even have that wrapping paper!'. i think that the very act of believing makes it true...don't you?

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