Goodbye two...

It's been real.
This was Stella's last full day as a two year old.
We had a great afternoon playing at the school...she was livin' it up :)

Now onto the big kid stuff.

In case you were wondering...We held off on the gooky fairy because Sunday was Mother's day ;) Hey, I'm grasping at straws here and will use whatever excuse I can get...I don't want to get rid of the darn thing, I don't!!! I tried to convince Craig that we should wait until later on in the week but he made a good point. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating her being a 'big girl' so what better way to make a point than to do it tomorrow night. Wednesday's going to S.U.C.K. but guess what? I'm working! HA! Sorry babe...have fun getting her night night...no, I mean it...have fuuuuuuunnnnnnn!



Anabelle said...

we got rid of my daughters paci (just turned three a few weeks ago) and it wasn't bad

we sat her down, told her she was a big girl,and then we pretended to flush them down the toilet so she woudln't ask for them

that was it lol

Bethany said...

Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stella!!

Kirsten said...

Oh dear friend!!! Happy Birthday Stella!!! Michael had his paci till 3.5, no rush:).... Love ya, k

AnniKae said...

Happy Birthday Stella!
Those pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Stella Mae!!! And happy birthday to the mama. I love you all!!!!!!