hello friends...

I'm back.
I needed a little break from life and somehow recounting my day when blogging felt like rubbing the dirt right back in my face.
I'm OK.
I know we all go through the ups and downs...it just sucks, doesn't it!!!!
I've always been a pretty moody person.
Strong personality.
Sharp tongue.
I hate that about myself and hate that I have to work SO hard at keeping a lid on my stress level.

Some of my 'fire' lately may be due to the fact that I've tried a homeopathic remedy for my migraines. I was told that some of the rage I've been experiencing could be due to the fact that my body is cleaning itself out.

On the plus side I should have gotten at least three-four migraines since taking this remedy and I haven't!!!! I love the prescribed medication I've been taking for the past year and a half...Maxalt. It's been the only thing that can even touch the intense pain. It just scares me that the long term side affects could be really bad news. I'm all for going the natural route...amen!

Sew. My machine s_it the bed...just when I need it the most. I took it to the Dr. yesterday so hopefully it's nothing too serious. I've become addicted to making patchwork pillows. Addicted! I love them and have already made five and can't wait to make more!!! I've also made some new things for the shop that have yet to be sewn...waiting in the wings.

Camera. I'm ready for a really good camera. Mine is great for certain things but I feel really held back. I need your advice ladies...what kind do you have? Lenses you use most often? I'm only dreaming about getting a new camera at this point but it's good to start looking :)

What's up with the pacifier? The gooky fairy came late Wednesday, May 13th after I had gotten home from a long night at work. She whispered in my ear that Stella would be allowed to hold onto her gooky for a little longer under the condition that the gooky stay on the bed. Guess what? Stella has been doing AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of her and feel like this was the right decision for us. She totally abides by the rules. She had her yearly Dr. appointment on Monday and I didn't even bring it with me knowing there could possibly be a shot involved...thank goodness there wasn't :)

School. FOUR weeks left of school...SAY WHAT? I can't believe it! I've got major, major worries that I may have to pull Zoe out of school for fourth grade. I won't know who her teacher is until the last day...GOD, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's in the right class. I can't stand that some teachers are allowed to remain teaching long after their time should be up. My thoughts if she doesn't get Mrs. K? Private school, Waldorf school, Home schooling (not by me...are you nuts?), charter Art school? It'll be a scramble not being able to make plans until mid June but I'll do it.

Summer. We've got big plans this summer and I can't wait!!! We're heading out West to visit my sisters who live in Telluride, Colorado!!! I haven't been since getting stranded there during the week of 9/11. Scary stuff. We were actually scheduled to be on one of the planes that didn't make it but our flights got changed :O I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It's taken my this long to fly again.

Ok. I'm off to do stuff :) It's going to be in the 90's today!!! I was tempted to pull Ruby out of school to go to the beach but she had invited a new friend over and I didn't want to cancel on her. I've already got steak tips marinating in some terryaki Soy Vay, fresh corn on the cob waiting to by peeled, and baby mixed greens ready for a yummy salad. Dinner is done and done and it's not even 10:00am yet!

Boy. I sure do wish I had my sewing machine!!!!


ps. Martha Stewart is having a 20% off sale until May 31st online. I just stocked up on some great Halloween and Christmas decorations that were already on sale...pennies spent! Go shop!!!


Anonymous said...

That sucks about your machine!! I had to get a new one recently... you pillows are so cute! My picures??? you really like them??? Oh I work so hard!!! I still feel they are not perfect, but thanks so much!!! I really want a new camera but that willl be nexyt year!! have a good night!!

Jody said...

So glad to hear things are getting better...and the headaches have stayed away!
I LOVE those pillows! I think I need a few for our bright red ikea couch!!!
Your dinner sounds lovely....i need to make a decent dinner one of these days!
I need a good camera as well...there's a good cannon one i've just heard about, but not sure the name. i need to start doing some research.
***let me know if you put those sweet pillows in your shop!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh mannnn... those darn migranes! come on meds... do your job!
migranes are like nothing else... they paralize you WITH pain!
i prey for your healing girl!

i really hope your precious girl gets the teacher you want! that is SO tough... and then not knowing til the end... erghhh!
it WILL work out... it will! :)

gosh and when you described yourself... i have such a feeling we are SO alike! the more i get to know you the more i see that!

please let me know when you have those pillows available... nearly fell off my chair when i saw them... been looking for JUST the pillows! please... please... please... i will keep peeking in the shop to see!

big hugs... i hope today is a great day for you!