Yesterday was H.O.T!
Today is H.O.T!
Summer, here we come!

~ Why does Elmer's Glue smell SOOOOO bad!!!! (ya know what? I don't actually really want to know...too disturbing!)
~ I'd totally pay the $700 to have our lawn cleared of leaves every Fall...it's totally worth it in my opinion...cause guess what? We've got leaves ALL over our backyard, making nice little homes for all the woodchucks and what-have-you's.
~ I attempted to remove leaves from my vegetable garden...brought my 'A' game and everything. I lasted for about five minutes and then I heard crying...that was my back, legs, arms, mind, body and soul.
~ I'm totally not a quitter ;)
~ I stocked up on Frosty Paws, Popsicles, Fudgesicles, ice cream, cones and sprinkles. The ice cream man better steer clear of this neighborhood today because I'll be da_ned if I spend $30 on his treats!
~ I'm loving my new Blackberry :)
~ Do you really believe it when someone says they don't have any regrets? I think that's a load of crap. I totally regret lots of things I've said, done and will do. Yep, will do.
~ Like the time I ordered a rare hamburger when I was like 7. My sister and I were visiting my Grandmother in New York and were at some ritzy restaurant and the waitress asked me how I wanted my burger cooked. The only thing I could remember her saying was rare, medium rare, medium or well. The chocolate milk was really, really good there.
~ Should I take it as a good sign that I haven't heard from the sewing machine Dr.? Like when you go to the hospital and they say 'no news is good news'...is that wishful thinking???
~ I will totally be putting my little patchwork pillows in the shop as soon as I make more!
~ I've got a HOLY SALE, SALE, SALE going on in my shop right now. More things will be listed as soon as I can! I'm cleaning out my stash making room for new things...gettum while there hot!
~ Market Basket isn't as bad as I thought...went there today and got about double what I'd get at Hannafords for less $$$$.
~ I truly love bartending and can't believe how much I missed it.
~ My legs are horribly pale.
~ The post lady at our local post office is the monster from Monster's Inc. who says 'You forgot to turn in your paper work last night'....envision please with sound effects ta-boot.
~ I can be mean.
~ Sorry!

Have yourselves a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say...
i LOVE your randoms. :)

and we all have regrets...even if they do *make us who we are today*...

ShoozieShoes said...

I regret not working harder in school, watching television as a child, perming my hair, cutting it short and about a million other things, which I refuse to think about... ;-)

Laura said...

I love that you bartend
and I regret just about everything