• Planted the pots for the front steps.
  • Made Zoe flash cards.
  • Finished up some orders.
  • Spiced up the Blair Witch wreath.
  • Made a casserole for dinner so all Craig has to do is heat it up.
  • Did a little laundry.
  • Vacuumed.
  • Didn't dust.
  • Didn't clean the bathrooms.
  • Didn't wash the windows.
  • Didn't rake the leaves out of my front flower beds.
  • Didn't clean hundreds of pounds worth of food out of my car.
  • Didn't put all the laundry away.
  • Didn't clean the fish bowls.
  • Don't care.
Off to work.
Have a great day!


Laura said...

but you DID post about it!!! Good job!

Drama queens mum said...

Sounds like you got a lot done.

Bethany said...

I loved this post!! Thanks for the reminder!