block party...

A list of randomness

  • happy tenth birthday marli!
  • gorgeous weather this week = lots of outdoor play.
  • planning on watching 'the wrestler' tonight with the hubby :)
  • it's that time of month :(
  • i've consumed lots of chocolate.
  • i'm about this worried about the overly dramatized pork flu.
  • i need a potty training 101 course since my almost 3yr old wants NOTHING to do with it!
  • i'm working tomorrow night!
  • about 1/4 of our roof is done.
  • i'm not in the mood to even contemplate a garden this year...hopefully this will change.
  • when i feel overwhelmed i get nothing done.
  • which is why i've barely gotten anything done.
  • the littlest things make me stress.
  • our lawn looks like clifford the dog pissed all over it.
  • the robins have been enjoying quite a feast on our lack there of lawn.
  • that means grubs.
  • i've given up caring what our neighbors must think of our house and it's constant state of renovation.
  • did i mention our back yard was the stump dump for out entire neighborhood?
  • am i whining?
  • sorry.
  • i need to go out tonight to get a b'day gift for a little boy who is turning 6.
  • i really wish i was given more time to get said gift...what's with these last minute b'day
  • legos, blocks, clay?
  • i do believe i've got a little color on my cheeks from the sun :)
  • i'm looking forward to giving chef his blocks tomorrow.
  • i made vegetarian lasagna for dinner.
  • i'm off to make a mixed greens salad to go with.
  • i love avocado.
  • hmmmm. i could have named my etsy shop 'i love avocado' :)
  • love you blog readers...you're sweet.


AnniKae said...

You did a great job on the blocks. Stump Dump backyard...girl, you make me laugh! Thanks for keepin' it real. Anytime you feel like venting...vent away.

ShoozieShoes said...

Legos. Go for the Legos. It's my standard gift for boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

yo dudette. the clifford the dog thing made me laugh OUT LOUD. love you,


Natasha said...

Our yard looks like that too. And our house is ONE YEAR OLD. The grass? Only put in last October. Already it's dead from the dog. Sigh.

Pam, you're so gorgeous that no one notices your lawn or your house. The neighbors are thinking, "Man, she is gorgeous." That's all.

Laura said...

I love avocado too
I get nothing done when I am overwhelmed too
my boy turns 3 on Friday
my home is a mess
I enjoy your blog