So. I finally found a natural decorating food color! I really wanted to make these (scroll down) for Ruby's birthday treats to bring to school. What fun! Meg made the cake version as an end of the year goody and I fell in love! However, food coloring...is G.R.O.S.S!!! Anyone who knows me well would know I HATE green mint chocolate chip ice cream and colorful frosting's...especially when you can SEE the color stained on your kiddos teeth, lips, hands and clothing...ewwwwww! So psyched about being able to make this now!!! Yeah!

owl - bunny

owl - doggy

squirrel - owl - owl
Ruby is a natural artist. I love her creativity. She made these all on her own. They're paper pillows :)

Daddy has an industrial leaf blower and blew the leaves from the backyard this weekend :) The girls were having fun playing in the 'tornado'.

Is that not the ugliest frog you ever did see? He's been hanging around here for the past few days...I can't even look at the picture too long without getting the chills.

~ My sewing machine is ready to be picked up! I'll grab it tomorrow. Nothing was wrong with it...it just need a tune-up to the TUNE of $90!!! :O For oiling the darn thing...are you kidding me????? OMG!!!! I felt telling the lady to eat it but then I'd be out my machine. Times are tough lady...don't take it out on me!!!! It's going to KILL me forking over that kind of dough...KILL me! Doesn't that seem high??

~ Taking the girls to swim this afternoon even though it's like the last thing on earth I want to do. The idea of it is really unappealing but I know it'll make them happy so I'm gonna suck it up.

~ I have no desire to make dinner tonight. None.

~ I planted a Fairy Meadow in lieu of a vegetable garden this year. I hope, hope, hope it turns out! I'm not good with seeds so I'm crossing my fingers!

~ Over and out...got to go pack up our swim bag!



Jes said...

ooh! i'm gonna have to check out that natural food coloring...i've tried my own versions, with beets and such, but..........too much WORK! :P

way to go Ruby!! love those sweet little pillows.

and yes, $90 would kill me, too. :(

i was thinking, we should just feed our families cereal for dinner...sound like a plan? good.

Laura said...

nothing pisses me off more than a customer that wants a RED or BLUE or BLACK cake.

and I HATE the pool. HATE HATE all of it. It grosses me out. In a big pool of water with STRANGERS. SO weird.

and thanks for your kind comments...you are a doll!

Jody said...
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Anonymous said...

You can invite anyone you want while we're at the cape. Chances are that C & boys and M will be there too. No amount is too many.