It's been a loooonnnnggg week. I don't usually work this much and doing it four nights in a row is tough on all of us. Holy crap-ola!!!! I still need to get through tonight and tomorrow night...I'm getting too old for this...at least I feel that way.

I swear a herd of elephants visited me during my four hour 'nap' last night...trampling on my back, arms, neck. You know mama is one tired lady when sleeping on a big fat hair clip is WAY better than taking the uneccessary time it takes to reach up and pull it out ;( ouch, ouch, ouch this morning!!!


The Fairies paid a visit to my girls last night...they brought notes of encouragement and fresh flowers. I wish I could have been here to see their faces...I was at work :( Am I feeling guilty lately...hellllloo yeah!

I love that they believe...it makes me believe...magic.

Have a great day!


ShoozieShoes said...

How sweet is that? A fairy door!

Jill said...

How CUTE!!! who wouldn't believe with that adorable door?!