A little...

Cuteness to start your day :)
So far a good morning...the sun is shining!
I've started sewing all the pieces cut for Zoe's skirt...I have NO idea what I'm doing and to me it looks like there's enough fabric to make a bed spread...maybe I'm doing something wrong. Well. If it doesn't turn out a bed spread it will be!
Making eggs Benedict for dinner...cr.av.ing!!! yummmmmm.
I'm working tomorrow through Saturday...a lot but I'm psyched to do it!
Maybe I'll catch ya later...we'll see!

Later taters!


Laura said...

good morning to you!

Bethany said...

She's a doll! Love her pants...they remind me of my blog!! :) And her shirt is too cute too!!

Hope you have a fabulous week! And good luck on your skirt!