Worked last night.
Woke up with a start.
HAD to make a little outfit for Ruby to show off on her last day of school tomorrow.
Found the cutest rainbow fabric at......cough, Walmart.
Found a basic pattern which made NO sense to me and took it's measurements and added a couple inches.
Love the white eyelet ruffle.
HAD to make a little tee to go with...
A little funky and VERY Ruby.
For her last day of Kindergarten.

Don't think many Dad's read my blog other than mine :) But if you're a Dad and reading...thanks! Happy Father's Day!



bopbopdesigns said...

I LOVE it!!!

Laura said...

so so sooooo cute.

Natasha said...

I love that. Beautiful, beautiful. You've inspired me to make MY girls something. I've never made a skirt, though.