H-our long walk...

Gorgeous day!
We went for a walk.
I should have brought water.
A sleeping bag.
For our jaunt around the neighborhood took FOR-EV-AHHHHH!
Thankfully the weather was purrrrfect.

We started out at a good clip.
Stopping to check out some stuff on the side of the road.
Squished caterpillars.
Dog poop.

The determination was there.
You can see it in her face.
This shot was taken at the end of our driveway ;)

OK. Mom.
I'm going!

Two seconds later there was a flower (weed) that needed to be picked.

A few more steps and baby needs to learn how to play brick breakers on my phone.

Luckily Stella knows just what to do.

She insisted on wearing her hair like Mommy's...messy and pulled back.
Do you think her ear was bothering her with her glasses like that?
She's too cool for school to care!

Us before I gave up and carried her home.
Which by the way is less than a hundred yards from this shot.
Hundred yards in an hour.


Laura said...

LOL!!!!!! I know!!! Luke stops to look at cracks in the cement.....to lick a mail box..massage a pay phone.drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

AnniKae said...

I love all of the fun photo's. The band-aide on the babies forehead is too cute. Oh...Lovin' the picture of the two of you. You are absolutely Gorgeous!

Kasey said...

how cute are you!!
lovely peeking in here....

Bethany said...

You two are absolutely beautiful! Love that last shot!

ShoozieShoes said...

I snorted so loudly I almost woke the Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Goodness-- two goddesses out for a stroll. Such a picture of perfection!



Jody said...

Love the picture of you two...you are both adorable!